Manage Pages

Available for: Administrators)

On the 'Pages' list page, Administrators can manage all editorial content pages set up to provide contextual information to the public, in particular perform the following functions:

  • Explore existing pages

  • Create new pages to provide visitors with information

Explore existing pages

Screenshot from demo site ( - all content for demo purposes only

  1. A list of all content pages can found under Page admin in the secondary navigation.

  2. The content pages appear in the secondary navigation.

  3. The existing pages are displayed in the pages list. Clicking on any of the pages will allow you to edit the content and update its publication status.

  4. Click on the Add page button to add a new content page and fill out the following form:

Create new Page

Screenshot from demo site ( - all content for demo purposes only

  1. Title: The Title which will appear on the public page

  2. Menu Title: The name of the page which will appear in the header of all pages (#2 in top image on this page)

  3. Menu order: The order the pages appear in the header. Number 1 appears closest to the right hand side of the page.

  4. Content: The page content can be added here. Text styling can be applied using markdown (see

  5. Status: By default initially set to Draft, you can change this to Public once the Action is ready to be published on the public site. Note: The publication status of Actions can also be changed using Batch editing

  6. Save: This is where you can save all of the details that have been entered (or clear the form using the cancel button)

Editing Pages

There are also two ways in which Pages can be edited;

Individual editing

From the Single Page View, click 'EDIT' and update the information outlined above (Adding New Page)