Oversee Reporting

Available for: Managers and Administrators‚Äč

Overseeing the Reporting efforts is the responsibility of dedicated Category Managers (see Manager overview). Activities includes

  • Assigning Indicators to Contributors ('Indicator Managers')

  • Setting up reporting schedule

  • Follow-up on outstanding Progress Reports

  • Review Progress Reports

Assigning Indicators to Contributors

Setting up an Indicator Manager means assigning responsibility for a particular Indicator to a registered user (at least role 'Contributor'). That user will then be receive the automated report reminder emails and be responsible for uploading the report and data.

Set up Contributor (if needed)

If the data owner is not yet registered you will first have to 1. Invite the user by sending a link to the registration page (see Register) 2. Once the user has registered, promote the user to 'Contributor' role (see Manage & Promote Users)

Note: you may have to refresh your browser to see the newly registered user

Assign Contributor

Now you can navigate to the Indicator and assign the desired user. See Manage Indicators for details.

Set up reporting schedule

On the Indicator view you can also define the reporting schedule. You can either chose a one-off reporting date or select 'Repeat' and select a reporting frequency, as well as start and end dates. Again see Manage Indicators for details.

Follow-up on outstanding Progress Reports

Once a Progress Report is 'Overdue' (the scheduled date is in the past) you should receive email reminders indicating for which of your indicators reports are outstanding. For each of these indicators it is advised to follow up with the responsible user. See Email reminders for details.

Reviewing Reports as a Manager

You can review all outstanding and recently submitted Progress Reports on the Implementation Plan View (see Monitor Implementation Plan) where you can filter the action list by "Connected Category", selecting the Category that you are responsible for (see Lists: filter items).

This may also include unpublished reports submitted by Guest users (see Reporting as Guest).