Monitor Implementation Plan

Available for: Managers and Administrators

The monitoring of the implementation plan is crucial for both the State and civil society. It tells both when progress is falling behind what it should be and where that is happening.

View Implementation Plan

To view the Human Rights Implementation Plan and start monitoring

To view the SDG Implementation Plan (if configured) likewise

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Oversee Reporting

To learn more about how to set up Contributors (Indicator Managers) responsible for data entry and how to oversee reporting go to Oversee Reporting)

Implementation Plan in Detail

Note: the following describes how an Implementation Plan may look like but please be aware that default grouping and sorting, taxonomies and related elements may vary greatly depending on the application's individual configuration

  1. The Implementation Plan is automatically grouped by Thematic Cluster. In the example pictured below the first cluster is 'CAT Ratification' that you can click to inspect the Category in detail with all related Recommendations (see also Explore by Category).

  2. With each Cluster you will see all Actions that are being undertaken to target the Cluster of Recommendations. The tags below the action (e.g. CAT Ratification, MJ) indicate the Categories the Action is tagged with (here also SMART for the optional SMART taxonomy). Clicking on the action will bring up full details (see also Explore Action Implementation Plan)

  3. Alongside the Actions are one or more Indicators set up to measure Implementation Progress of that Action or alternatively also Action Outcomes. Clicking on the indicator will bring up the full details (see also Explore Indicators).

  4. The Progress Reports column shows any Updates for their Indicator, and also when the reporting schedule, highlighting if a progress report is Due (e.g. within the next 30 days) and if any are Overdue (date in the past). This allows the viewer to scroll down and quickly see where information is overdue and the State can then take corrective action. Clicking on the Report Title will bring up full details including download opportunity of uploaded documents (see also Oversee Reporting).

  5. Filtering allows to focus on parts of the Implementation Plan, depending on your area of interest (see also Lists: filter, group & more).

Please note: Reporting schedule as well as due and overdue statuses are only available to authorised users (Roles 'Contributors' and above)

Screenshot from demo site ( - all content for demo purposes only