Manage Indicators

Available for: Managers and Administrators

From the indicator list page (see Explore Indicators) you can

  • Select existing Indicator for updating, and

  • Add New Indicators.

Adding Indicators

There are two ways for an authorised users to add indicators:

  1. Add single indicators (see below)

  2. Import a file of multiple indicators (see Import multiple items)

Screenshot from demo site ( - all content for demo purposes only

Both methods of adding actions can be accessed via the buttons in the top right hand corner of the indicators page (pictured above).

Adding a Single Indicator:

Screenshot from demo site ( - all content for demo purposes only

On the 'New Indicator View' (see screenshot above), enter the following information:

  1. ID: Optionally add a unique indicator ID. If left blank an ID will automatically be assigned.

  2. Title: Indicator title

  3. Description: Additional details of indicator. Text styling can be applied using markdown (see

  4. Actions: Clicking on the drop down menu allows you to link the Indicator to any of the Actions contained within the database. At the bottom of the drop down menu is also an 'Add' button where you can choose to add a new action from here to link to the indicator if you wish.

  5. SDG Targets (if configured): like (3.).

  6. Status: By default initially set to Draft, you can change this to Public once the Action is ready to be published on the public site. Note: The publication status of Actions can also be changed using Batch editing

  7. Due date: The due date for the next indicator report

  8. Repeat?: If the indicator requires regular reporting (e.g. gender based violence statistics every quarter) then a reporting schedule can be set, meaning the user responsible (see 9.) for providing the data reports will receive regular email reminders on the dates set. This will also require setting an end date (also see Monitor Implementation Plan)

  9. Assigned user: Clicking on the drop down menu allows the Administrator to choose from all of the registered users who is responsible for this indicator. Once allocated, this user will receive automated email reminders when progress reports are due (also see Oversee Reporting)

  10. Save: This is where you can save all of the details that have been entered (or clear the form using the cancel button)

Editing Indicators

There are also two ways in which Indicators can be edited;

Individual editing

From the Single Indicator View, click 'EDIT' (see screenshot below) and update the information outlined above (Adding New Indicator)

Screenshot from demo site ( - all content for demo purposes only