Manage Categories

Available for: Managers and Administrators

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From the category group (taxonomy) page (see Explore by Category) selected from the taxonomy sidebar navigation (see (1) in screenshot below) you can

  • Select existing Categories for updating (see (2)), and

  • Add new Categories to a Taxonomy (see (3)).

Please note: you can only add new categories to existing taxonomies (category groupings), but you cannot add new taxonomies. Additional taxonomies or changing how taxonomies are configured can only be set up by the technical site administrator

Adding New Categories

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On the 'New Category View' (see screenshot above), enter the following information:

  1. Reference: A reference ID can be manually added or will be automatically assigned

  2. Title: A short description of the category (e.g. name of the human rights body, overview of thematic cluster, organisation name, etc.)

  3. Short title: An abbreviated version of the title that will be used for the associated tag.

  4. Description: Longer description if required (optional). This is a useful field to provide visitors with more information including analysis for a particular category. Text styling can be applied using markdown (see

  5. Recommendations (and/or Actions or SDG Targets): Clicking on the drop-down list allows the to tag any existing Recommendations (you can also create and tag new Recommendations). You can filter the recommendation options by other categories they have been tagged with required recommendations (using the filtering system if necessary) and uses the check boxes next to each recommendation.

  6. Website: If additional information on a category can be found via an external URL it can be noted here and accessed by visitors to the site

  7. Category Manager (only visible for specific taxonomies, e.g. Human Rights Bodies and SDGs): A category manager can be added using this drop down menu. This needs to be an already registered user. For more information on Managers see Managers and Oversee Reporting.

Editing existing Categories

From the Single Category View, click 'EDIT' (see screenshot below) and update the information outlined above (Adding New Category)

Screenshot from demo site ( - all content for demo purposes only

For a list of common category groupings (taxonomies) please see Principal concepts