Batch edit multiple items

Available for: Managers and Administrators

Applies to: Recommendations, Actions, Indicators, SDG targets, and Pages (Administrators only)

'Edit' v 'Filter' Mode

Once logged in and authenticated as an Administrator or Manager you will be able to batch edit multiple items at once. Each list view, including Recommendations, Actions, SDG Targets, and Indicator, will now feature also an edit option in the sidebar (as pictured below)

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  1. The filter list now becomes a filter AND edit list, with filter selected as the default

  2. Options to select individual or all list items now also appear.

To enable 'edit mode' you can either click on 'Edit' or select any of the list items

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To go back to filter mode, simply click "Filter" in the sidebar

Batch editing

Once the Administrator or Manager is in 'Edit' mode they can update the selected items in bulk, changing their attributes (either Actions, Indicators, Recommendations or SDG Targets) and/or item associations (e.g. the category tags, actions, indicators, thematic cluster).

Batch editing of actions (or other entities such as recommendations, indicators or SDG targets) is a powerful feature (especially when combined with list filtering) that allows efficient editing, including for these common use cases:

  • Update the publication status of multiple actions from draft to public

  • Linking multiple actions (or recommendations, etc.) with any category (i.e. a thematic cluster or organisation)

  • Linking multiple actions (etc) with any connected category (i.e. human rights body, cycle, issue, affected persons or SDG)

  • By linking multiple actions (etc) with any connection (i.e. Indicators, recommendations or SDG targets)

Batch editing is a simple process - first you need to identify and select the actions they wish to batch edit and then secondly they update the selected actions as they wish.

Select items

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You can select the actions you wish to edit by first using list filtering) to bring up the relevant actions, then 1. Select individual actions using the checkbox next to each action 2. Select all actions on the page displayed 3. Select all actions including actions on other pages (if more items are in (filtered) list)

Update items

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Once the relevant actions have been selected you can then use the sidebar menu to assign any category or connection. For example, if the selected actions were to be linked to a particular thematic cluster you would click on the thematic cluster title in the left sidebar to see all options (left in screenshot) and select the thematic cluster they wish to link to or unlink from the actions (right in screenshot).

  1. Filter: Use the filter box to search for the thematic cluster you wish to find

  2. State: Indeterminate: If a link already exists for some of the selected actions you will see an "indeterminate" box with a horizontal line. By clicking once on any of these boxes a tick will appear and (when confirmed in 7.) all other actions will also be linked. By clicking again the tick will disappear and (when confirmed in 7.) existing links will be unlinked

  3. State: Not selected: Where a thematic cluster is not currently linked to any of the selected actions you will see an empty box. By clicking once in any of these boxes a tick will appear and (when confirmed in 7.) all actions will be linked.

  4. Add new: If a thematic cluster does not yet exist you can use this button to create and (when confirmed in 7.) link all of the selected actions to the newly created entity.

  5. All options: At the top of the list you can select all (filtered) options to be linked (when confirmed in 7.). Next to it it shows how many are selected. Using this box (by clicking it twice so that it is blank) you can quickly remove all linkages (when confirmed in 7.).

  6. State: selected: When a thematic cluster is selected then a tick will appear in the box

  7. Confirm: The 'Update' button will only be active if any changes have been made. Clicking on the update button and only then will the changes be saved. This may take several seconds if editing a large number of actions at once. (clicking cancel will close the option panel without changing any associations)

Please note: once updated, items may disappear from your item list if they no longer fit the search criteria