Reporting as Contributor

Available for: Contributors. Managers and Administrators please see Reporting as Manager)

Adding progress reports is critical to the success of using this tool. Progress reports contain the data required for each indicator of the National Implementation Plan. This regular entry of data allows States, civil society and other stakeholders to check progress of the Plan and ensures that required reporting is just a matter of analysing the data and writing the narrative.

Data can be entered through progress reports by civil servants, administrators of the database or civil society and other stakeholders.


To be able to contribute progress reports as a Contributor you need to be:

How to submit a Progress Report?

To submit a Progress Report to an Indicator you have been assigned to follow these steps:

Note: assigned contributors will receive email reminders ahead and after the scheduled reporting date, see also Contributor

Screenshot from demo site ( - all content for demo purposes only

  1. Click on the Indicator link in the email reminder (not pictured) or select Indicator from the Indicator overview where you can filter Indicators by assigned User, e.g. yourself (see also Please also see the section Lists: filter items for more list operations.

    for how to filter)

  2. Login (if not already signed in, see Login & recover password)

  3. On the 'Indicator View' click on 'Add Report' (1 or 2 in screenshot above)

Screenshot from demo site ( - all content for demo purposes only

On the 'New Report View' (see screenshot above), enter the following information:

  1. Title: The title of the progress report (e.g. 'Domestic violence stats Q3 2017' or 'NHRI CEDAW Training Workshop for Police Recruits')

  2. Description: Full details of the progress report

  3. Upload document: Any document with information or data related to the indicator can be uploaded via this link

  4. Document Status: The status of the uploaded document can be set to public or private

    depending on whether there is sensitive information contained within that should not be available publicly

  5. Report Status: The status of the Progress Report. Leave in "Draft" until ready for publication or change this to "Public" if you are satisfied the report is ready for publication. Note: You can also comeback and change the status at a later stage

  6. Due date: Select the scheduled date or select 'Extraordinary' for unscheduled reports'.

  7. Save: Create Progress Report

  8. Review: Review information on Report View (not pictured)