Reporting as Guest

Available for: Guests. (Contributors please refer to Reporting as Contributor and Managers and Administrators please see Reporting as Manager.)

Any registered user can submit information relating to the National Implementation Plan or the SDGs, even without being part of the Government. NGOs, NHRIs or any member of the public can thus contribute data to show progress towards any part of the National Implementation Plan or SDGs if desired. This gives groups and individuals a platform to showcase their work to Government and to encourage more coordinated activities. For instance, you could be an NGO who has been doing work in a particular area that is helping to achieve one of the areas of the Implementation Plan or the SDGs.

Any organisation or individual can register as a user and contribute data. In addition to raising awareness of the work they are doing this can also help to foster better coordination of activities with Government.

See Register for details on how to register,

Once logged in, you must navigate to the relevant indicator (e.g. from the Indicators view) and click on the 'Add report' button and follow the instructions provided on page Reporting as Contributor.

Note: when contributing progress reports as a Guest user, your progress reports will have to be reviewed and published first by an authorised user before becoming publicly available