Visitor overview (all users)

2. Visitor overview (all users)

Available for: Visitors and registered users (Guests, Contributors, Managers, and Administrators)

Who are Visitors?

Any member of the public that is not registered or logged in.

What can I do as a Visitor?

Whether you are an NGO or interested member of the public, this application allows visitors to:

  • Access and explore all Recommendations and Actions of your Government by area of interest

    (e.g. in the area of women's rights or in relation to a particular Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)): Explore by Category

  • Track your Government's progress in Human Rights implementation: Explore Action Implementation Plan

  • Search the entire database by keyword: Search the database

  • Register and contribute own data to demonstrate what your organisation has been doing to help achieve these goals: Register

Please see below to learn about the principal concepts in IMPACT OSS and how they relate, as well as how to navigate the application .

Overview & navigation

Once you click 'Explore' on the homepage you will be taken to the Overview page, from where you can access all published information.

Screenshot from demo site ( - all content for demo purposes only

The overview map (3) is a visual representation of the principal information and concepts contained within the application's database. Clicking on any element map will take you to the relevant area of the tool to explore further. Different Category Groups (more technically called taxonomies) are listed on the left hand side of the overview screen (marked with (2) in the screenshot above). Select any category group to get a breakdown of the recommendations, actions and SDG targets by category (also see Explore by Category).

Note: below each main element the taxonomy icons indicate how elements are classified

>>> Read Principal concepts to learn more about the principal concepts <<<

These areas of interest are also available in the main navigation (1) above.

In the top right-hand corner of all pages (marked (4) in the screenshot above) are additional links to access the following:

  • Register to become a registered user

  • Login to login as a registered user

  • Different Pages with editorial content and additional information such as About or Contact Us

Please note that IMPACT OSS can be configured in many different ways and the main navigation items may thus differ significantly from the example shown above, for example

  • menu items may be called differently

  • the 'Categories' menu item my be merged with 'Overview'

  • the 'Indicators' section may be restricted to authenticated users