Explore Recommendations

Available for: Visitors and registered users (Guests, Contributors, Managers, and Administrators)

Recommendations are received from the various Human Rights Bodies and are intended to help a country implement its human rights obligations.

View Recommendation list

This 'Recommendation list' page is a collection of all of the recommendations a country has received.

Depending on the specific configuration, Actions can be grouped by default, e.g. by Human Rights Mechanism and Reporting Cycle

Screenshot from demo site (demo.impactoss.org) - all content for demo purposes only

The 'Recommendations' page works similarly to both the 'Actions' and 'Indicators' pages in that it allows users to explore and filter recommendations based on areas of interest. Unlike 'Actions' and 'Indicators' there is only one view with Recommendations as there is no Implementation Plan to explore in this area.

Please see List view options for options to customise your list view:

  • grouping options

  • sorting options,

  • filtering options.

View a single Recommendation

You can explore a single recommendation either from the Recommendation List or any associated Category or Action view or list.

On the Single Recommendation View (pictured below) you can inspect all information about the recommendation, including government response (if applicable), as well as all associated categories related and Actions:

Screenshot from demo site (demo.impactoss.org) - all content for demo purposes only