List view options

Available for: Visitors and registered users (Guests, Contributors, Managers, and Administrators)

Applies to: Recommendations, Actions, Indicators, SDG targets, and Users (Managers and Administrators only) and Pages (Administrators only)

On any list view you can use several features to customise your view:

Further you can:

  • group list items (except Indicators),

  • sort list items,

  • change pagination (number of items on page),


List items can be grouped by any category group that is applicable. It additionally allows the user to subgroup items.

Depending on the specific configuration, items can be grouped by default, e.g. by Recommendation Cluster and/or by Organisation as pictured below

Screenshot from demo site ( - all content for demo purposes only

You can change the grouping from the dropdown or ungroup by clicking on the cross next to the grouping.


List items can also be sorted by creation date (often default), title, reference (where applicable) and last update.

Depending on the specific configuration, sorting options and default sorting can vary for different list types

Number of items per page

You can change the number of items per page or navigate to additional pages by using the options below the list.

Please note: the default number of search results can vary depending on the specific configuration