Explore by Category

Available for: Visitors and registered users (Guests, Contributors, Managers, and Administrators)

View categories by category group (also called taxonomy)

By selecting any of the category groups on the left menu bar of the "Overview page" (see Visitor overview) or any of the "Category group" pages you will be able to explore the different category groups listed and all associated recommendations, actions and optionally also SDG targets for each.

Screenshot from demo site (demo.impactoss.org) - all content for demo purposes only

Please note that IMPACT OSS can be configured with many different ways and thus differ significantly from the example shown above, for example

  • different category groups (taxonomies) and taxonomy groupings

  • the 'Categories' menu item my be merged with 'Overview'

The recommendations and actions that make up the National Implementation Plan are categorised in a number of different ways (called taxonomies or category groups) to allow visitors to explore the information based on their specific areas of interest.

Please find more information on some common taxonomies below "View single category".

View single category

You can explore any single category by selecting it from the category group overview page above. As pictured below you will see lists of all recommendations or actions that belong to this category:

Screenshot from demo site (demo.impactoss.org) - all content for demo purposes only

For each list item you can also see all other categories and relationships (e.g. the actions a recommendations is addressed by) the category has been associated with - to help quickly identify the category group a category tag belongs to, the tags are coloured according to the group's unique colour:

Screenshot from demo site (demo.impactoss.org) - all content for demo purposes only

In the example above, the icons below the recommendation show the different tags that have been assigned. Hovering the cursor over any of the tags will bring up the full category title, in this case 'CRC' is shown to be 'Convention on the Rights of the Child'. Clicking on any of the tags will take the user to the specific category page.

For a list of common category groupings (taxonomies) please see Principal concepts