IMPACT OSS is the Open Source Software (OSS) for Integrated Management and Planning of Actions (IMPACT), created to assist States with coordinating and monitoring implementation of human rights and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

IMPACT OSS is based on Sadata, the platform initially designed and developed by human rights consultant Mr. Ashley Bowe and Unfold Data for Samoa's National Mechanism for Reporting and Follow-up (NMRF), and was enhanced by Unfold Data for the New Zealand Human Rights Commission to replace the first version of its interactive National Plan of Action (also designed and developed by Unfold Data) that to some extent can also be considered a conceptual ancestor of Sadata.

For more information on the development history and credits for the IMPACT OSS platform please take a look at History & Credits.

What are the challenges when reporting on human rights?

Every State around the world has a huge range of international reporting obligations, in terms of human rights, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and more. Many of these obligations overlap meaning that one of the specific SDG targets may be requiring a State to do the same thing as one of its UPR recommendations. However, up until now no tool existed to help identify all of those linkages and eliminate the duplication of activities and reporting that can occur as a result.

How does IMPACT OSS address these challenges?

IMPACT OSS is a platform for coordinating and monitoring implementation of human rights and the SDGs. It helps States develop a National Implementation Plan through sophisticated clustering of all obligations and recommendations it has received. Through a series of measures it helps to ensure data collection and guard against non-entry of data, meaning the Implementation Plan progress stays up to date. This allows greater oversight by the public and civil society, and for States to have far greater control over implementation of its obligations - ultimately leading to more effective State implementation and reporting and improvements on the ground for everyday people.

Who is IMPACT OSS for?

IMPACT OSS is a tool for

  • States to plan and monitor implementation of its human rights and SDG obligations.

  • Civil society and other stakeholders and the general public to access the publicly available database, track progress, hold Government to account and even contribute their own data where appropriate